Modern Condo Design for a Small Living Space


Small condo decorating can be tricky, but just because your space is limited doesn’t mean you have to settle for miniature décor. There are a variety of modern condo designs for small spaces that will make your living area look stylish and appear larger. Try some of these condo decorating ideas to make the most of your fun-sized space:

Condo living tips

  • Add curves: Most condominiums and apartments can appear boxy. Condo interior design experts suggest including round tables, curvy chairs, and circular rugs or rugs shaped or embellished with dots and spirals to open up the space.
  • Choose light colors: If the condo was purchased with a dark wall-to-wall carpet, toss a lighter colored throw rug over it. Light hues open up a room and make it appear bigger. Bound carpet remnants work well in this space as well.
  • Add drama with curtains: There are ways to arrange them to make your room look larger. You can hang them on bare walls or outside the window. By hanging a curtain from the ceiling to the floor will create height.
  • Choose layers:Use an elegant mix of prints, colors and pillows on your bedding to make that space seem airier and to provide the illusion of more depth. Don’t hesitate to add layers off fabrics and linens to your bed just because the room space may be limited.
  • Keep furniture to scale: Unless you are looking to make a bold statement, avoid large items such as oversized couches, ottomans, and chairs in your condo living area. The area will feel roomier with smaller or moderately sized furnishings.
  • Include some glass: Glass table tops or Lucite chairs and tables give the illusion of open space while providing function and aesthetic appeal.
  • Sleep on a convertible bed:Futons, sleep sofas and Murphy beds that pop out of sight during the day are great options for small condo interior design. Today’s pop out beds looks good when they are packed away and when they are set up for use.
  • Add light everywhere: An abundance of light will create an interesting feeling of spaciousness. It is the easiest and most effective way to set up a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Determine what is most important: Do you need an office area, but not a dining room? Do you prefer additional living space and less room for a bedroom? Is a fold up bed best for you? List your priorities and plan accordingly. This is your space, not anyone else’s, don’t feel confined to traditional standards.
  • Use mounting shelves:Condo kitchen ideas or living room ideas may incorporate mounting floating shelves anywhere extra space is available and needed. They add a contemporary, sleek look. This type of shelving can be stacked and adds lots of precious storage space.

Remember, when it comes to small condo design, planning is very important, especially if you are downsizing from a larger home. Work on one room at a time and organize each piece to maximize your new space.